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Guidelines for Volunteers (brief)


Please find guideline for voluntarily services in our NGO's gurukul, located at Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon - Faridabad Road, Near TERI Golf Course, Gurgaon. The best timing  to visit is between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m from Monday to Sunday (every day).

Volunteers are most welcome to look after 375 abandoned senior citizens, mentally disabled people, HIV patients, bed-ridden, deprived people and people on death bed.

These less privileged people have been rescued from roads, they are  brought to our NGO's gurukul by police authorities, referred by hon'ble courts, and social welfare departments.

We request you to offer following services:-

1.  Counseling by personal meeting with less privileged.

2.  Give them prescribed  medicines on time.

3.  Help us to clean the gurukul compound.

4.  Help us to clean the wounds and change the dressing of patients.

5.  Offer helping hand to feed them.

6.  Help us to change their diapers and dirty cloths.

7.  Give them exercises and help disabled people to walk in the compound.

8.  Speak to them, find their problems please help us to rectify and make them unite back with their families.

9.  Help us to rescue more and more disabled, homeless and abandoned people from the roads.

10.  Find out mistakes and negligence in our gurukul. Help us to restore and correct them.

11.  Check drinking water, dispensers and water tanks.

12.  Help us to clean washrooms and kitchen.

13.  Help us to cook food.

14.  Help us to change bedding, bed sheets and pillows of every inmates.

15.  Help us to look after cows in cow shelter.

16.  Help us to spread our self mission (NGO).

17.  Help us in fund raising.

18.  Help us in our back office to pursue environment concern subjects. 

19.  Help us to permote our mission via media, internet, word of mouth and other means.

20.  Help us to find donors.

21.  Help us by participating in Do Not Honk campaign at different traffic signals to paste Do Not Honk stickers at the back bumpers of  passing by vehicles/ cars to educate drivers not to blow horn unnecessarily while driving  to control noise pollution.

22.  Make sure over eating and wastage of food is in control at Gurukul.

23. Advice us, spend as much time as possible to perform karmic seva in our gurukul. It is the most precious service in God eyes.

In the meanwhile please contact for any further information. We shall be glad to answer any related question you have.

Warm regards

Ravi Kalra "Karma Yogi"
Founder and President
The Earth Saviours Foundation 



Guidelines for Volunteers (complete)

In The Earth Saviours Foundation volunteers are always welcome and have all freedom to select their areas of interest to which they can devote their time. We request you to coordinate with our Indian staff and teachers for better day to day functioning of NGO's activities. • We very humbly request you to be patient with our staff members and please feel comfortable to inquire about what is expected out of you so that together we can fulfill objectives laid down in front of us. • Please offer your helping hand to rescue homeless and abandoned people from the roads. • The best time to volunteer at our NGO is from 9a.m. to 4 p.m.

Following are the issues which our NGO deals with:
• Volunteers can help in taking care of and interacting with abandoned senior citizens, mentally disabled people, deprived women and other less privileged people taking shelter in NGO’s compound.

a. Intermingle with them and find out their likes, dislikes and problems (personal or NGO related) and try to fix them.

b. Change their bed sheets and beddings and also help them to keep their rooms clean. c. Give them bath and cut their nails by keeping full hygiene. d. Take them to hospitals if needed with the help of NGO team members and give them medicine as per doctor’s prescription. e. Adopt different ways which can entertain them i.e. music, singing bhajan and kirtan etc to them. f. Encourage them to come out and participate in different activities, which will help put forth their views. g. Help them to increase their conscious level, and most importantly give them hope to live life with dignity.

• Volunteers can also help us with our back office work:

a. Organizing meetings, social events and with paper work. b. Help us increase our followers on social networking sites (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn). c. Help us create and updating our DO NOT HONK blog and EARTH SAVIOURS blog. d. Help us to make our NGO’s compound beautiful, clean, green and hygienic. e. Help us in raising funds. f. Help us generate content for SMS and emails and also help us with the circulation to people of various sections of society (political parties, business houses and other celebrities).

• Help us find sponsors:

- For organizing food (no. of people 375, cost per person per meal is Rs 70/-)   - Help us find sponsors who can pledge monthly contribution to support our NGO. • Help us raise awareness for DO NOT HONK, SAVE EARTH and CRACKER FREE Diwali campaign. • Join us in our fight against noise pollution by pasting a “DO NOT HONK” sticker on the back bumper of your/others car to control unnecessary vehicular honking. • Help us in dealing, improving and protecting our mother land (earth) and achieving pollution free environment.

• Help us with Global Green campaign. • Endorse electric cremation system to save trees and control air pollution. • Save water, save natural resources, save the environment and its habitats, save animals and recycle waste products. • Pledge to donate eyes, kidneys, heart valves and other useful organs of the body and pledge to donate rest of the body (after death) for medical research. • Implement solutions to save mother Earth from global warming, traffic hazards, deforestation, crime, over population, rising natural disasters, poverty, literacy, birth control, water harvesting, deadly diseases, world peace, discrimination, rising sea levels and the imbalance of eco systems to name a few from an endless list. • We will appreciate your help in raising awareness in favor of women empowerment. • Register our NGO on the website of Delhi Police. • Apply for national and international awards. • Apply for Padamshree award (that requires recommendation letter from Lt. Governor and President of India). • We regret to inform that our foundation cannot afford to pay any financial assistance to volunteers, such as airfare, local transport fare, stipend, accommodation and money for any other day to day needs due to lack of funds. • Sometimes you may feel that our Indian staff is not being hospitable or cooperative. We assure you that our staff members are very good by nature, but due to poor English speaking skills or overly stressed schedules, you may think that they are not very warm. • If possible please bring your own water bottle and refreshments to avoid stomach problems/sickness and we request you to bring along a bottle of hand sanitizer. • At the time you join us please apply for “Life Membership” with our foundation. The life membership is completely free of charge and we will provide you with ID card. Also fill in a volunteer form so that we get to know about your areas of interest. • Before completing your internship with us please make sure that you inform our back office to issue you a letter of appreciation and certificate.

• You will be given complementary NGO T-Shirt, a golden wall clock, blessing band and NGO’s wooden desk memento to take back with you as a memory. • At the time of you departure, please consider donating any of your used items no longer used by you. We would be glad to have them for the poor people in need. • Please do not hesitate to ask for breakfast or lunch at NGO’s kitchen. You are also welcome to ask in the kitchen for a packed dinner. We request you to bring your lunch box for packed dinner. Please do not hesitate to ask for drinking water. • If you face any problem during your internship/volunteering period or you have any complaints or suggestions, please feel free to share it with our staff members or for the matter of fact with me (Ravi Kalra) directly. You can call me anytime (24 hours) on my mobile number 9818171695. You can also contact Ms. Nutan on her mobile number 9910080212, or Ms. Maheshwari on her number 9958871829 (during the day time). We will try to fix the problems as soon as possible, as you are very valuable to us and we respect you for coming all the way from your country/institution to help us. • Please do not hesitate to ask for transportation from our foundation to the Metro Station (Chattarpur). All our volunteers are very precious to us. We respect you and thank you for coming over from across the world/India to our foundation to help us in saving humanity together.

Warm Regards,

Ravi Kalra "Karma Yogi"
Founder & President,
The Earth Saviours Foundation
Guruku's address: Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon - Faridabad Road,
Near TERI Golf Course, District Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001, INDIA

Mobile: - 98 18 17 16 95
Email: Website: -


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